Elementname: AtPageShipout


The enclosed instructions will be executed when the page is placed into the PDF file. Used in Pagetype.

Allowed attributes: (none)

Child elements: AddSearchpath, AttachFile, Bookmark, DefineColor, DefineFontalias, DefineFontfamily, DefineTextformat, ForAll, Group, Hyphenation, Include, InsertPages, Layout, LoadDataset, Loop, Message, NewPage, NextFrame, NextRow, Options, Output, PDFOptions, Pageformat, Pagetype, PlaceObject, ProcessNode, SaveDataset, SavePages, SetVariable, SortSequence, Switch, Until, While

Parent elements: Pagetype



  <PlaceObject column="1" row="20">
        <Value select="sd:current-page()"/>

See also

AtPageCreation, Pagetype


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