Elementname: Circle

CSS name: circle


Create a circle or ellipse.

Allowed attributes: backgroundcolor, class, framecolor, id, radiusx, radiusy, rulewidth

Child elements: (none)

Parent elements: Frame, Overlay, PlaceObject, Position, Transformation


backgroundcolor (text, optional, CSS property: background-color)

Color of the circle.

class (text, optional)

CSS class for the circle.

framecolor (text, optional, CSS property: color)

Color of the circle line.

id (text, optional)

CSS id for this circle.

radiusx (number or length)

Radius of the circle in grid cells (horizontal) or as an absolute length. Use with radiusy to create an ellipse.

radiusy (number or length, optional)

Radius of the ellipse in grid cells (vertical) or as an absolute length.

rulewidth (length, optional)

The thickness of the border that is drawn around the object.


<DefineColor name="mygreen" model="cmyk" c="22" m="0" y="55" k="0"/>
<PlaceObject row="5" column="5" >
    <Circle radiusx="10mm" backgroundcolor="blue" framecolor="mygreen" rulewidth="1mm"/>

looks like

See also

DefineColor, PlaceObject


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