Elementname: Initial


Make some letters appear in a larger font at the beginning of the paragraph.

Allowed attributes: color, fontface, padding-left, padding-right

Child elements: Value

Parent elements: Case, ForAll, Loop, Otherwise, Paragraph, Until, While


color (text, optional, since version 2.9.0)

Set the color of the initial. Defaults to black.

fontface ()

Choose the font family. Only »Regular« shape is used at the moment.

padding-left (optional)

Insert space left of the initial.

padding-right (optional)

Insert space right of the initial.


    <Initial fontface="Large" padding-right="2pt">
      <Value select="'A'"/>
    <Value>certain king had a beautiful garden,
    and in the garden stood a tree which bore golden


Make sure you set the font face for the surrounding Paragraph to get the spacing right (it defaults to text).


Version: 3.9.8 | Start page | Command reference | Other language: German