Elementname: Layout


This command is the root element in the Layout instructions.

Allowed attributes: name, version

Child elements: AddSearchpath, AttachFile, Compatibility, DefineColor, DefineColorprofile, DefineFontalias, DefineFontfamily, DefineTextformat, Hyphenation, LoadFontfile, Loop, Options, PDFOptions, Pageformat, Pagetype, PlaceObject, Record, SetGrid, SetVariable, Stylesheet, Switch, Trace, While

Parent elements: AtPageCreation, AtPageShipout, Case, Contents, ForAll, Loop, Otherwise, Record, SavePages, Until, While


name (text, optional)

A name for the layout. Optional, without any influence on the layout itself.

version (number, optional)

Minimum publisher version required. If major or minor version differ, give a warning. Format: 1.6.12 (revision number can be left out).


This is a complete example for a layout rule set. The first part is the data file (save as data.xml) and the second the layout instructions (layout.xml).

  <elt greeting="Hello world!" />
<Layout xmlns="urn:speedata.de:2009/publisher/en"

  <Options mainlanguage="English (USA)"/>

  <Record element="root">
    <ProcessNode select="elt"/>

  <Record element="elt">
          <Value select="@greeting"></Value>


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