Elementname: PositioningArea


Describes an area which contains one or more frames. Elements can be placed within these frames.

Allowed attributes: framecolor, name

Child elements: Loop, PositioningFrame, Switch

Parent elements: Case, ForAll, Loop, Otherwise, Pagetype, Until, While


framecolor (text, optional, since version 2.9.12)

Set the color of the frame in grid=yes mode. Defaults to 'red'

name (text)

Name of the area.


<Pagetype name="right page" test="sd:odd( sd:current-page() )">
  <Margin left="1cm" right="1cm" top="1cm" bottom="1cm"/>
  <PositioningArea name="frame1">
    <PositioningFrame width="12" height="30" column="2" row="2"/>
    <PositioningFrame width="12" height="30" column="16" row="2"/>

See also

PositioningFrame PlaceObject


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