Elementname: Record


Contains the instructions when the publisher processes the element in the data file with the given name. The record matching the root element will be called by the software automatically, all further data handling must be done by the user.

Allowed attributes: element, mode

Child elements: AddSearchpath, AttachFile, Bookmark, DefineColor, DefineFontalias, DefineFontfamily, DefineTextformat, ForAll, Group, Hyphenation, Include, InsertPages, Layout, LoadDataset, Loop, Message, NewPage, NextFrame, NextRow, Options, Output, PDFOptions, Pageformat, Pagetype, PlaceObject, ProcessNode, SaveDataset, SavePages, SetVariable, SortSequence, Switch, Until, While

Parent elements: Include, Layout


element (text)

The name of the element the record matches.

mode (text, optional)

Name of the mode that matches the mode in ProcessNode.


<Record element="url" mode="output">
        <A href="https://www.speedata.de"><Value>website of speedata</Value></A>

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