Elementname: Span

CSS name: span


Surround text by styling options.

Allowed attributes: background-color, background-padding-bottom, background-padding-top, class, id, letter-spacing

Child elements: A, Action, B, Br, Color, Fontface, ForAll, Frame, HSpace, I, Image, Loop, NoBreak, Span, Sub, Sup, Switch, U, URL, Value

Parent elements: B, Case, Color, Fontface, ForAll, I, Li, Loop, NoBreak, Otherwise, Paragraph, Span, U, URL, Until, While


background-color (text, optional, CSS property: background-color)

The background color of the content

background-padding-bottom (length, optional, CSS property: background-padding-bottom)

The bottom padding of the background color (can be negative)

background-padding-top (length, optional, CSS property: background-padding-top)

The top padding of the background color (can be negative)

class (text, optional)

CSS class for this element.

id (text, optional)

CSS id for this element.

letter-spacing (length, optional, CSS property: letter-spacing, since version 3.5.2)

Increase spacing between glyphs.


  .green { background-color: lightgreen; }

<Record element="data">
        <Span class="green"><Value>green</Value></Span>


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