Elementname: Value


Contains a text value that is passed to the surrounding element.

Allowed attributes: select

Child elements: (none)

Parent elements: A, B, Case, Color, Element, Fontface, ForAll, I, Image, Initial, Li, Loop, Message, NoBreak, Otherwise, Paragraph, SetVariable, Span, Sub, Sup, Text, Textblock, U, URL, Until, While


select (XPath Expression, optional)

Value to be passed to the outer element.


The value can be passed to the outer element either as an XPath expression or as the contents of this element.

Containing Br-tags will be interpreted as newlines.


<Record element="data">
       <Value select="@name"/><Value>, symbol=</Value><Value select="@symbol"/>

See also

Copy-of, XPath expressions, SetVariable


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