Running the speedata publisher on the command line

$ sp --help
Usage: [parameter] command
-h, --help                   Show this help
    --autoopen               Open the PDF file (MacOS X and Linux only)
    --data=NAME              Name of the XML data file. Defaults to 'data.xml'. Use '-' for STDIN
    --cache=METHOD           Use cache method. One of 'none', 'fast' or 'optimal'. Default is 'optimal'
    --dummy                  Don't read a data file, use '<data />' as input
-c, --config=NAME            Read the config file with the given NAME. Default: 'publisher.cfg'
    --[no-]cutmarks          Display cutmarks in the document
-x, --extra-dir=DIR          Additional directory for file search
    --extra-xml=NAME         Add this file to the layout file
    --filter=FILTER          Run Lua filter before publishing starts
    --grid                   Display background grid. Disable with --no-grid
    --ignore-case            Ignore case when accessing files (on a case-insensitive file system)
    --imagecache=PATH        Set the image cache
    --inkscape=PATH          Set the path to the inkscape program
    --[no-]local             Add local directory to the search path. Default is true
    --layout=NAME            Name of the layout file. Defaults to 'layout.xml'
    --jobname=NAME           The name of the resulting PDF file (without
                             extension), default is 'publisher'
    --mainlanguage=NAME      The document's main language in locale format,
                             for example 'en' or 'en_US'.
    --mode=NAME              Set mode. Multiple modes given in a comma separated list.
    --outputdir=DIR          Copy PDF and protocol to this directory
    --prepend-xml=NAME       Add this file in front of the layout file
    --profile                Run publisher with profiling on (internal use)
    --quiet                  Run publisher in silent mode
    --runs=NUM               Number of publishing runs
    --startpage=NUM          The first page number
    --show-gridallocation    Show the allocated grid cells
    --systemfonts            Use system fonts
    --tempdir=DIR            Use this directory instead of the system temporary directory
    --trace                  Show debug messages and some tracing PDF output
    --timeout=SEC            Exit after SEC seconds
-v, --var=VAR=VALUE          Set a variable for the publishing run
    --varsfile=NAME          Set variables for the publishing run from key=value... file
    --verbose                Print a bit of debugging output
    --version                Show version information
    --wd=DIR                 Change working directory
    --xml                    Output as (pseudo-)XML (for list-fonts)

      clean                  Remove publisher generated files
      clearcache             Clear image cache
      compare                Compare files for quality assurance
      doc                    Open documentation
      list-fonts             List installed fonts (use together with --xml for copy/paste)
      run                    Start publishing (default)
      server                 Run as http-api server on port 5266 (configure with --port)
      watch                  Start watchdog / hotfolder

Description of the command line parameters

Parameter Description
--autoopen Opens the PDF file after running the publisher. Can also be set in the configuration file.
--data=NAME Name of the data XML file. Default is data.xml. Can be set in the configuration file. If the file name is a dash(-), the speedata publisher reads the XML data from standard input (STDIN).
--cache=METHOD Caching-strategy for http* image requests. Use fast for file system lookup only or optimal for http checking on each request. https requests are currently always checked with the optimal strategy.
--cutmarks Show cut marks. Can be also configured in the Layout.
--dummy Only read the layout rules. A simple data file is assumed which only contains one element: <data />. This is for quick testing of layout files.
-x, --extra-dir Puts the given directory into the search path. All assets (images, fonts, XML data and layout rules) must be found in the search path, which will be traversed recursively. This parameter can be given multiple times and preset in the configuration file.
--extra-xml=NAME Add this file to the layout instructions. Similar to inclusion of the file with xinclude.
--filter=FILTER Run the given Lua file.
--grid Show the grid. Can be turned off with --no-grid. Can be configured in the layout XML file: Layout.
--ignore-case Ignore case when accessing files (on a case-insensitive file system).
--inkscape=PATH Set the path to the inkscape program, if you need SVG->PDF conversion.
--layout=NAME Name of the layout XML file. Default is layout.xml. Can be configured.
--[no-]local The current directory is (not) added to the search path recursively.The default is --local which means that the current directory and all its subdirectories is added to the search path. This allows you to run the publisher in any directory and put your assets in a subdirectory.
--jobname=NAME The name of the output file. Default is publisher. The extension(.pdf) is added automatically.
--mainlanguage=NAME Set the main language for the document (hyphenation). Allowed values are: af, as, bg, ca, cs, cy, da, de, el, en,en_GB, en_US, eo, es, et, eu, fi, fr, ga, gl,gu, hi, hr, hu, hy, ia, id, is, it, ku, kn,la, lo, lt, ml, lv, ml, mn, mr, nb, nl, nn,or, pa, pl, pt, ro, ru, sa, sk, sl, sr, sv,ta, te, tk, tr, uk and zh. See also the language codelist.
--outputdir=DIR Name of the directory of the resulting file. The directory will be created if necessary.
`--prepend-xml=NAME Indclude this XML file and insert it before processing the main layout file. Can be given multiple times.
--profile Run publisher with profiling on (internal use).
--quiet Run publisher in silent mode.
--runs=NUM The number of passes. Normally the publisher will process a file only once, but more passes can be necessary if intermediate files are created for generating a table of contents or other document dependent data.
--show-gridallocation Show the allocated grid cells in yellowish color and double allocated grid cells in red.
--startpage=NUM The number of the first page.
--systemfonts Also use system fonts. Does not work on Windows XP.
--tempdir Use this directory instead of the system's temp dir.
--timeout=SEC Exit after SEC seconds with exit status 1.
-v, --var=value Passes additional variables to the publisher run. The variables can be accessed as usual with select="$variable".
--varsfile=NAME Read an external file where each line has the format variable=value to add additional variables`
--verbose More information than necessary.
--wd=DIR Change working directory. Exactly the same as if you’d cd into that directory before running sp.
--xml The output of some commands (currently only list-fonts) will be printed in (pseudo) XML. That way the output can be re-used in the layout XML.


Command Description
list-fonts Lists all fonts that are found in the search path. Together with --xml the output format can re used in the layout XML.
compare Recursively check a directory for layout changes. See the topic about quality assurance.
clearcache Removes files from the image cache.
clean Remove temporary files from the publisher run. Keeps the PDF file.
doc Opens the HTML documentation.
run Starts the speedata publisher (this is the default command).
server Runs in Server-mode.
watch Runs in internal hotfolder mode.

Example for hotfolder configuration

hotfolder = /home/speedata/hotfolder
events = layout\.xml:run(runpublisher);data\.xml:run(runpublisher)
Parameter Description
hotfolder Directory to be watched.
events Entries (separated by a semicolon) in the form pattern:command. The pattern is a regular expression. If this pattern matches a file, the command given in the configuration is executed. Currently only external programs can be run. These programs must be given in parentheses. The path to the file will be passed as the first argument. The hotfolder waits until the program is finished and removes the file afterwards.
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