How to configure the speedata publisher

The speedata publisher can be configured in several ways:

  1. The file publisher.cfg in /etc/speedata/, in the home directory (with a leading dot) and in the current working directory (Linux, Mac)
  2. The file %APPDATA%\speedata\publisher.cfg on Windows.
  3. Parameters given on the command line
  4. Options given in the layout file

The file publisher.cfg

The file publisher.cfg (/etc/speedata/publisher.cfg, $HOME/.publisher.cfg and in the current working directory) is a text file, that is read at the beginning of the publisher run. The default file looks like this:

data      = data.xml
layout    = layout.xml
autoopen  = false

The format of the file is important, otherwise it won’t be recognized. The following options are supported:

Value Description
autoopen if true, the publisher opens the PDF file. Default: false. The same effect can be achieved if you run sp --autoopen.
cache Caching-strategy for http* image requests. Use fast for file system lookup only or optimal for http checking on each request. https requests are currently always checked with the optimal strategy.
data Name of the data file (XML). If not given, the system uses data.xml.
dummy If true, the system won’t read the data file, instead it uses the single element <data /> as its input.
extra-dir A list of directories in the file system separated by ; (Windows) or : (Mac, Linux). These directories contain the images, fonts, source files and other assets that are used during the publisher run. Example for windows: extra-dir=c:\myfonts.
extraxml Add this XML file to the layout instructions. List of comma separated file names (extraxml=file1.xml,file2.xml).
prependxml Add this XML file in front of the layout instructions. List of comma separated file names (prependxml=file1.xml,file2.xml).
filter Run the given file as an Lua-Filter.
fontpath Set the path for system fonts. On Windows this is %WINDIR%\Fonts, on Mac OS X it defaults to /Library/Fonts:/System/Library/Fonts. Currently dysfunctional on Windows XP.
grid If true, the underlying grid is shown in the PDF file. For debugging purpose only.
imagecache Folder for cached images (href="http://..." only). Defaults to $TMPDIR/sp/images.
ignore-case Ignore case when accessing files (on a case-insensitive file system).
inkscape The path to the program inkscape when you need on the fly SVG to PDF conversion.
jobname Name of the output file. Default is publisher.
layout Name of the layout rule set (XML). The default name is layout.xml.
luatex Path to the Lua(jit)TeX binary. Experimental! This is provided for your experiments, not for production use.
opencommand Command that will be run to open the documentation and the PDF file. For MacOS X this should be open, for Linux xdg-open or exo-open (xfce).
pathrewrite Comma separated list of entries of the form A=B which replace parts in file:///...A... to file:///...B.... Useful when you have absolute paths in the data which must be changed during the publishing process.
runs Set the number of runs.
startpage Number of the first page.
systemfonts If set to 'true', then the publisher searches for fonts in the system directory.
tempdir Name of the temporary directory. Default is the system's temp.
timeout Maximum time of the publishing run. If time is exceeded, the publisher exits with status 1.
vars Comma separated list of variables and values in the form var=value to set additional variables.

You can access the base directory of the project with %(projectdir)s. This is the directory with the file publisher.cfg.

All entries in the configuration file are optional. The configuration files are read in the following order: /etc/speedata/publisher.cfg, ~/.publisher.cfg and in the current directory publisher.cfg. The current directory can be changed on the command line with the switch --wd=.....

Command line parameters

The valid command line parameters are written on a separate page.

Options given in the layout file

The XML layout file has a command called Options that allows to set some parameters (tracing, default language, …)

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