Crop marks

With no special settings, the speedata publisher creates a PDF that has exactly the size of the given pages. If you need to add trim space or crop marks, you need to set them in the Options:


This instruction creates crop marks that have a length of 1cm and are 3mm from the inner page border apart (TrimBox). The distance is denoted by the trim parameter above. The trim parameter has a minimum value of 5pt if given.

The generated PDF file always contains the following PDF boxes: the surrounding box is the MediaBox, the given trim is marked by the BleedBox and the page itself is surrounded tightly by the TrimBox. If no trim is given, the BleedBox and the TrimBox have the same size. If no crop marks are output, the MediaBox is the same as the TrimBox. That way, in neither cutmarks are displayed nor trim has a size greater than 0, all three boxes have the same size.


In the following example the crop marks go to the blue line, that has the dimensions of the trim length. The green line shows the regular page dimensions (screenshot from Adobe Acrobat).

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