Default settings in the speedata Publisher

The speedata Publisher defines some default settings that can be changed in the layout file. These defaults concern the colors, fonts and page size and margins.


The distribution includes the free font family TeXGyreHeros, a high quality clone of Helvetica. It comes in the variants regular, bold, italic and bolditalic. It is defined as follows:

<LoadFontfile name="TeXGyreHeros-Regular" filename="texgyreheros-regular.otf" />
<LoadFontfile name="TeXGyreHeros-Bold" filename="texgyreheros-bold.otf" />
<LoadFontfile name="TeXGyreHeros-Italic" filename="texgyreheros-italic.otf" />
<LoadFontfile name="TeXGyreHeros-BoldItalic" filename="texgyreheros-bolditalic.otf" />

The corresponding font family is defined as:

<DefineFontfamily name="text" fontsize="10" leading="12">
  <Regular fontface="TeXGyreHeros-Regular"/>
  <Bold fontface="TeXGyreHeros-Bold"/>
  <Italic fontface="TeXGyreHeros-Italic"/>
  <BoldItalic fontface="TeXGyreHeros-BoldItalic"/>

and since the font family named text is taken as the default for the paragraphs, without any change the text appears in Helvetica 10pt/12pt. With re-defining the font family text you can change the document font.

The font aliases (since version 2.7.12) are defined for the default font:


The following text formats are predefined:

<DefineTextformat name="text" alignment="justified"/>
<DefineTextformat name="centered" alignment="centered" />
<DefineTextformat name="left" alignment="leftaligned"/>
<DefineTextformat name="right" alignment="rightaligned"/>

Page size and margin

The page size defaults to A4 (210mm × 297mm)

The master page for all pages is defined as follows:

<Pagetype name="Default Page" test="true()">
  <Margin left="1cm" right="1cm" top="1cm" bottom="1cm"/>

The page grid is set to 10mm × 10mm.


The CSS colors are defined in the RGB colorspace. The colors black and white are defined in the gray colorspace.

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