Font inclusion


The speedata Publisher can use fonts in the followig formats:

How to include a font

In the layout rules the name of the font file must be connected to an internal name. This internal name is then used in the command DefineFontfamily which groups up to four fonts in a family (regular, bold, italic and bolditalic). The first step is accomplished with LoadFontfile:

<LoadFontfile name="Helvetica" filename="helvetica-regular.otf" />
<LoadFontfile name="Helvetica Bold" filename="helvetica-bold.otf" />
<LoadFontfile name="Helvetica Italic" filename="helvetica-italic.otf" />
<LoadFontfile name="Helvetica BoldItalic" filename="helvetica-bolditalic.otf" />

After executing these commands, the font files are known as Helvetica, Helvetica Bold etc. In the second step they are used by the command DefineFontfamily:

<DefineFontfamily name="heading" fontsize="12" leading="14">
  <Regular fontface="Helvetica"/>
  <Bold fontface="Helvetica Bold"/>
  <Italic fontface="Helvetica Italic"/>
  <BoldItalic fontface="Helvetica BoldItalic"/>

The font family heading is composed by the four given font files. Now you can use the font family in commands such as Textblock or Table.


The LoadFontfile instructions can be auto generated on the command line. You need to run the sp program with the command list-fonts, such as

sp --xml [--extra-dir=...] list-fonts

The output contains all font files that are found in the current directory (and its subdirectories). Additional directories can be supplied by the shown command line option --extra-dir=<dirname>. The value for the name attribute in the LoadFontfile command defaults to the postscript name of the font but can be changed to any other value.

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