How to use the speedata Publisher

The speedata Publisher is a program without a graphical user interface. That means it runs on the command line or in the background if called from a server process.

To run it on the command line, you have to open a terminal window. On Mac OS X run which is located in Applications/Utilities. On Windows you click on the windows button and type in cmd.exe in the search box. On Linux, it depends on the distribution you use, but there is usually a menu entry called “Terminal”.

This is what the terminal window on Mac looks like. On other systems it should be similar:

Once you have a terminal window open, you can run the speedata Publisher with the command sp. The description of the command is written in the section about the command line.

The speedata Publisher expects the data XML file with the name data.xml and the layout XML with the name layout.xml (this can be changed on the command and set in the configuration file) in the current directory or any of its subdirectories. This search path can be extended by configuring the publisher (see the section on how to configure the speedata publisher).

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