This directory contains some examples. Run each of them in a separate directory by the command line program


Have fun!

More examples are in the github repository.

List of files

File Description
datahandling1 Simple data processing via ProcessNode
datahandling2 Simple data processing via ForAll
datasource HTML elements in the data source
grid Typesetting on a grid
helloworld The classical hello world-example
imagescaling How width, height, and clip affects image display
imageshape Text flows around an image
mailmerge A letter to lots of people
planets How to handle automatically generated table of contents etc.
rotating Shows the effect of origin-x and origin-y on PlaceObject/rotate
runningsum A table with a dynamic header and footer
simpletable A simple HTML like table
textframe Overflowing text containers
textframe2 Find out how much space is left in a text frame

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