Text formatting

<Textblock> and <Text> contain one or more paragraphs (command <Paragraph>). The actual texts are encapsulated there within <Value>. There are numerous possibilities to influence the formatting of the texts. The switches for the font styles were introduced in Include Fonts. With a similar functionality there are the following commands:

<Sub> and <Sup>

Subscript and superscript text.


Temporarily switches to a different font.


Outputs the enclosed text in a different color.


Creates a hyperlink.


Inserts an expandable blank space (with or without dots).



  <Textblock width="11">
      <Value> </Value>
      <Value> </Value>
      <Value> </Value>
      <Color name="green"><Value>green</Value></Color>
      <Value> </Value>
      <A href="https://www.speedata.de">
        <Value>link to the homepage</Value>
      <HSpace leader=" . "/>
      <Value>right margin.</Value>
Various text markups

Space characters

The following Unicode space characters are interpreted by the speedata Publisher:

Code Name Example Width
&#x00A0; NO-BREAK SPACE 1000 × 500 Variable
&#x2002; EN SPACE 1000 × 500 1 em
&#x2003; EM SPACE 1000 × 500 1/2 em
&#x2004; THREE-PER-EM SPACE 1000 × 500 1/3 em
&#x2005; FOUR-PER-EM SPACE 1000 × 500 1/4em
&#x2006; SIX-PER-EM SPACE 1000 × 500 1/6 em
&#x2009; THIN SPACE 1000 × 500 1/8 em
&#x200A; HAIR SPACE 1000 × 500 1/24 em
&#x200B; ZERO WIDTH SPACE 1000​×​500 without width
(space) SPACE 1000 × 500 Variable

Enumeration lists

Instead of a paragraph, an enumeration list can also appear. This is specified with <Ol> or <Ul> for an ordered list and an unordered list. The individual points must be marked with <Li>.

This feature is not really robust yet. The lists cannot (currently) be nested. It is recommended to check if the lists are output correctly.

Prevent text wrapping

Some headings and proper names should not be broken. There is a command <NoBreak> for this purpose, which suppresses wrapping in various ways. A somewhat exaggerated example is:

  <Textblock width="10cm">
      <Value>A wonderful serenity has taken possession </Value>
      <NoBreak><Value>of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings...</Value></NoBreak>
The default setting for NoBreak is that the part must be connected.

Alternatively, you can reduce the font size by specifying the maximum width or shorten the text with omission points.

<Textblock width="10cm">
    <NoBreak maxwidth="10" reduce="cut" text="...">
      <Value>A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings...</Value>
Here the text is cut off and filled with the specified text.

Break URLs

The command <URL> is used to make it easier to break URLs. You may wrap mainly at slashes (/), in addition no hyphens are inserted. No hyperlink is created, the command <A> is responsible for this.


  <SetGrid nx="40" ny="10"/>
  <Trace grid="yes"/>
  <Pageformat width="90mm" height="5cm"/>
  <Record element="data">
      <Textblock width="35">

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