Insert a horizontal rule in a table

Child elements


Parent elements

Case, ForAll, Loop, Otherwise, SetVariable, Table, Tablefoot, Tablehead, Until, While


break-below (yes or no, optional, since version 3.5.2)

Allow break below the table rule?

class (text, optional)

CSS class for this element.

color (text, optional, CSS property: background-color)

The color of the rule. Defaults to black. A color named “-” (without quotes) is a transparent “color”.

id (text, optional)

CSS id for this element.

rulewidth (length, optional, CSS property: height)

The width (thickness) of the rule. Defaults to 0.25pt.

start (number, optional, CSS property: rule-start)

The first column of the rule. Defaults to 1.


<Tablerule rulewidth="1pt"/>
  <Td align="center">Position</Td>
  <Td align="center">Club</Td>
  <Td align="center">Points</Td>
  <Td align="center">Difference</Td>
<Tablerule rulewidth="0.6pt"/>

See also

Command <Table>, chapter about tables.