The editor oXygen XML is a special XML editor that provides excellent support for editing the layout rules. To get this support, the schema must be assigned to the speedata layout namespace (urn:speedata.de:2009/publisher/en).

oxygen schema doctypeassociation
In the settings you select the assignment of the document types (Document Type Association). Then click on "New" to create a new association
oxygen schema doctypeassociation 1
In the first tab you have to click on the '+' to create an assignment.
29 doczuordnung1
In this window you enter the namespace of the layout (urn:speedata.de:2009/publisher/en).
29 doczuordnung2
Now you can set RELAX NG + Schematron and select the scheme. In the ZIP file it is located under share/schema/layoutschema-en.rng or …​-de.rng, depending on the desired language for the short description.

From now on, for every layout in the namespace


the schema should be associated with the layout. This can be checked by the fact that a selection of commands now appears when you enter an opening angle bracket (<).

29 liste
If the scheme is correctly integrated, a selection list appears as soon as a command is entered.