Internal variables

The Publisher sets internal variables that can be used in the layout rules. These variables always begin with an underscore, so your own variables should not have the underscore as the first character. Otherwise there could be collisions when assigning names.


The value of the bleed.


The value specified on the command line.


The number of the last page. Available after the first run. (Since version 3.9.26.)


The last value (data="…​") in a table line. See section Headers and footers with running sum.


The pass in a `<Loop>' loop.


The current default matter for the document (mainmatter is the initial value).


The mode for the pass. Separated by commas.

_pagewidth und _pageheight

The width and height of the page. Default is 210mm and 297mm.


The name of the text area of the whole page.

Also worth mentioning:

_samplea.pdf und _sampleb.pdf

Image files included in the Publisher. Can be used for testing purposes.