since version 3.1.1

Attach a ZUGFeRD file.

Child elements


Parent elements

AtPageCreation, AtPageShipout, Contents, Layout, Record, SavePages


description (text)

Textual description of the attached file (for the PDF viewer).

filename (text, optional)

The name of the local file to be attached to the PDF.

name (text, optional, since version 3.7.3)

Set the name of the attached file in the PDF document. Defaults to ZUGFeRD-invoice.xml.

select (XPath expression, optional, since version 3.7.2)

The contents of the ZUGFeRD file. Alternative to reading a file from the hard-drive.

type ()

The type of the included file. Currently only ZUGFeRD is supported.

ZUGFeRD invoice

The attached file is an XML file containing a ZUGFeRD invoice


<AttachFile filename="invoice.xml" description="A ZUGFeRD invoice." type="ZUGFeRD invoice"/>

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