Manipulate an object’s appearance by drawing a frame. Can be used as a clipping path.

Child elements

Barcode, Box, Circle, Frame, Image, Rule, Table, Textblock, Transformation

Parent elements

A, B, Case, Clip, Color, Fontface, ForAll, Frame, I, Li, Loop, NoBreak, Otherwise, Overlay, Paragraph, PlaceObject, Position, Span, Td, Transformation, U, URL, Until, While


backgroundcolor (text, optional)

Color of the background if ›background‹ is set to ›full‹.

border-bottom-left-radius (length, optional, CSS property: border-bottom-left-radius)

Radius of corner bottom left.

border-bottom-right-radius (length, optional, CSS property: border-bottom-right-radius)

Radius of corner bottom right.

border-radius (optional, since version 4.13.14)

Border radius of the four corners.

border-top-left-radius (length, optional, CSS property: border-top-left-radius)

Radius of corner top left.

border-top-right-radius (length, optional, CSS property: border-top-right-radius)

Radius of corner top right.

class (text, optional)

CSS class for this element.

clip (optional, since version 3.5.10)

Constrain the contents of the frame to its area or allow them to protrude.


The contents are clipped at the frame border (default).


The contents are not clipped.

framecolor (text, optional)

The color of the frame around the object. Only makes sense in combination with the attribute 'frame'.

id (text, optional)

CSS id for this element.

rulewidth (length, optional)

The thickness of the frame that is drawn around the object. Only makes sense in combination with the attribute 'frame'.


<Record element="data">
    <Frame framecolor="red" border-bottom-left-radius="10pt">
      <Image width="20" file="_samplea.pdf"/>

See also

The section about frames in the basics chapter.