Insert hyperlink to a URL.

Child elements

A, Action, B, Barcode, Br, Clip, Color, Fontface, ForAll, Frame, HSpace, I, Image, Loop, NoBreak, Span, Sub, Sup, Switch, U, URL, Value

Parent elements

A, B, Case, Color, Fontface, ForAll, I, Li, Loop, NoBreak, Otherwise, Overlay, Paragraph, PlaceObject, Span, U, URL, Until, While


href (text, optional)

The target of the hyperlink (URI). Example: https://www.speedata.de

link (text, optional, since version 3.3.8)

The target of the document link (a Mark). Example: article123

page (number, optional, since version 4.3.5)

Link to a (logical) page number.


    <Paragraph><Value>See the </Value>
      <A href="https://www.speedata.de">
      <Value> for more information.</Value>

See also

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