since version 4.19.8

Create a structure hierarchy for tagged PDF.

Child elements


Parent elements

AtPageCreation, AtPageShipout, Case, Contents, ForAll, Layout, Loop, Otherwise, Record, SavePages, StructureElement, Until, While


id (text, optional)

A unique id for this structure element. Used in Paragraph and Image.

parent (text, optional)

Id of the parent structure.

role ()

Tag name of the element.


The following example creates a H1 heading within a Section of the Document:

<PDFOptions format="PDF/UA" />
<StructureElement role="Document">
	<StructureElement role="Sect" id="sect"/>
<Record element="data">
			<Paragraph role="H1" parent="sect">
				<Value>A title</Value>

See also

The chapter on Accessibility.