Describes an area which contains one or more frames. Elements can be placed within these frames.

Child elements

Loop, PositioningFrame, Switch

Parent elements

Case, ForAll, Loop, Otherwise, Pagetype, Until, While


framecolor (text, optional, since version 2.9.12)

Set the color of the frame in grid=yes mode. Defaults to 'red'

name (text)

Name of the area.


<Pagetype name="right page" test="sd:odd( sd:current-page() )">
  <Margin left="1cm" right="1cm" top="1cm" bottom="1cm"/>
  <PositioningArea name="frame1">
    <PositioningFrame width="12" height="30" column="2" row="2"/>
    <PositioningFrame width="12" height="30" column="16" row="2"/>

See also

The section Areas on the page (PositioningArea).