Part of a Switch construct. All cases up to the first case which evaluates to »true« will be executed. If no cases match and there is a Otherwise, this will be executed instead.

Child elements

A, Action, AddSearchpath, Attribute, B, Barcode, Bookmark, Box, Br, ClearPage, Color, Column, Columns, Copy-of, DefineColor, DefineFontalias, DefineFontfamily, DefineMatter, DefineTextformat, Element, Fontface, ForAll, Frame, Group, HSpace, Hyphenation, I, Image, Include, Initial, InsertPages, Layout, Li, LoadDataset, LoadFontfile, Loop, Message, NewPage, NextFrame, NextRow, Options, Output, Pageformat, Pagetype, Paragraph, PlaceObject, PositioningArea, PositioningFrame, ProcessNode, SaveDataset, SavePages, SetGrid, SetVariable, SortSequence, Span, Sub, Sup, Switch, Table, TableNewPage, Tablehead, Tablerule, Td, Tr, Trace, Transformation, U, Until, Value, While

Parent elements



test (XPath expression)

The test that gets evaluated.


See the example at Switch.

See also

The section programming.