Defines a font family consisting of the shapes “regular”, “bold”, “bold italic” and “italic”. To be used in Paragraph, Textblock, Fontface and Table with the attribute fontfamily.

Child elements

Bold, BoldItalic, Italic, Regular

Parent elements

AtPageCreation, AtPageShipout, Case, Contents, ForAll, Include, Layout, Loop, Otherwise, Record, SavePages, Until, While


fontsize (number)

Font size in pt (PostScript points). Number without unit.

leading (number)

Distance between two baselines in pt (PostScript points). Without unit.

name (text)

The symbolic name that is used as a reference to access this font family.


The default fontface is named »text« and it can be redefined by defining a new font family called »text«.

The variants bold, italic and bold italic are optional.


<DefineFontfamily name="Title" fontsize="12" leading="14">
  <Regular fontface="Helvetica Regular"/>
  <Bold fontface="Helvetica Bold"/>
  <Italic fontface="Helvetica Italic"/>
  <BoldItalic fontface="Helvetica Bold Italic"/>

This font family can now be accessed like this:

<Textblock fontfamily="Title">

See also

The section about Using fonts and the command <DefineFontalias> as well as <LoadFontfile>.