Create a rectangular piece of text.

Child elements

Action, Bookmark, Copy-of, ForAll, Loop, Ol, Paragraph, Switch, Ul, Value

Parent elements

Clip, Frame, Overlay, PlaceObject, Position, Transformation


angle (number, optional)

The angle (counter clockwise) that the text gets turned.

color (text, optional)

The name of the color of the text.

columndistance (number or length, optional)

Distance between two columns. Defaults to 3mm.

columns (number, optional)

Number of columns in the textblock. Do not use multi columns for any other purposes than simple text.

fontfamily (text, optional)

The name of the font family. Defaults to text.

language (optional, since version 4.1.1)

Set the language for hyphenation and rendering.

minheight (number or length, optional, since version 2.3.28)

The minimum height of the textblock, given as a length or number (grid cells).

textformat (text, optional)

The name of the text format to be applied to the text. Defaults to text.

width (number, optional)

Number of columns for the text. If not given, the surrounding element determines the width of the element.


The textformat change the appearance of the paragraphs. They have to be previously defined by DefineTextformat.

Be careful when using multi column typesetting. This will only work with simple text, not with lists or so.


<Record element="data">
    <Textblock width="10" angle="-20">
        <B><Value>Bold slanted text</Value></B>

See also

The command <Textblock> in the basics chapter.