since version 2.3.14

Don’t allow a line break within this element

Child elements

A, Action, B, Barcode, Br, Clip, Color, Fontface, ForAll, Frame, HSpace, I, Image, Loop, NoBreak, Span, Sub, Sup, Switch, U, URL, Value

Parent elements

A, B, Case, Color, Fontface, ForAll, I, Li, Loop, NoBreak, Otherwise, Paragraph, Span, U, URL, Until, While


factor (number, optional)

Multiplier for the font size when reduce=fontsize. Default value: 0.9. That means the font size gets decreased by 0.9 until the text fits the objects width.

fontfamily (text, optional)

The name of the fontface for text to be reduced. The default is »text« (lowercase t).

maxwidth (number or length, optional)

Set the maximum width of the text if it cannot be deduced from the current surrounding (such as table cells).

reduce (optional)

Reduce the text size if necessary.


Reduces the text by decreasing the font size.


Inserts text given in the attribute text if the paragraph is too long.


Don’t allow a line break within NoBreak (default)

text (optional, since version 2.3.53)

The text to be inserted if the paragraph should be cut. For example '…​'


  <Textblock width="5">
      <NoBreak reduce="fontsize" factor="0.7">
        <Value>The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.</Value>
      <Value> </Value>
      <Value>The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.</Value>

See also

The section Prevent text wrapping in the basics chapter.