The enclosed instructions will be executed when the page is placed into the PDF file. Used in Pagetype.

Child elements

AddSearchpath, AttachFile, Bookmark, ClearPage, DefineColor, DefineFontalias, DefineFontfamily, DefineMatter, DefineTextformat, ForAll, Group, Hyphenation, Include, InsertPages, Layout, LoadDataset, Loop, Message, NewPage, NextFrame, NextRow, Options, Output, PDFOptions, Pageformat, Pagetype, PlaceObject, ProcessNode, SaveDataset, SavePages, SetGrid, SetVariable, SortSequence, Switch, Until, While

Parent elements



graphic (text, optional, since version 4.3.14)

The name of a metapost graphic.


  <PlaceObject column="1" row="20">
        <Value select="sd:current-page()"/>

See also

Commands <AtPageCreation> and <Pagetype> as well as the section Page types.