since version 2.7.12

Defines a font alias. When defining a font family, you can use the an alias for the fontname. Aliases are looked up recursively.

Child elements


Parent elements

AtPageCreation, AtPageShipout, Case, Contents, ForAll, Include, Layout, Loop, Otherwise, Record, SavePages, Until, While


alias (text)

New (equivalent) name of the font

existing (text)

The name of the existing font family.


<DefineFontalias existing="DejaVuSerif" alias="serif"/>
<DefineFontalias existing="DejaVuSerif-Bold" alias="serif-bold"/>
<DefineFontalias existing="DejaVuSerif-Italic" alias="serif-italic"/>
<DefineFontalias existing="DejaVuSerif-BoldItalic" alias="serif-bolditalic"/>

Now you can define a font family with

<DefineFontfamily name="title" fontsize="15" leading="17">
  <Regular fontface="serif"/>
  <Bold fontface="serif-bold"/>
  <BoldItalic fontface="serif-bolditalic"/>
  <Italic fontface="serif-italic"/>

See also

The section about Using fonts and the command <DefineFontfamily> as well as <LoadFontfile>.