Create a loop. All child elements are executed as long as the condition in the test attribute evaluates to true.

Child elements

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Parent elements



test (XPath expression)

Every time before the the loop is executed, this condition must evaluate to true. See the command Until for a loop with an exit test.


The following example creates a textblock with three times the contents 'Text Text Text '.

<Record element="data">
  <SetVariable variable="counter" select="1"/>
  <SetVariable variable="text" select="''"/>
  <While test=" $counter &lt;= 3 "> <!-- less or equal -->
    <SetVariable variable="counter" select=" $counter + 1"/>
    <SetVariable variable="text">
      <Value select="$text"/>
      <Value select="'Text '"/>
      <Paragraph><Value select="$text"/></Paragraph>

See also

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