Set the widths and other properties of the columns in a table.

Child elements

Column, Copy-of, ForAll, Loop, Switch, Value

Parent elements

Case, ForAll, Function, Loop, Otherwise, SetVariable, Table, Until, While




The * widths in the command »Column« allow dynamic cell widths. For that the total width of the table must be set and the attribute (on Table) stretch must be set to max. The widths of the columns are calculated as follows: first the absolute widths are taken into account. After that, the * columns are distributed across the remaining space. The numbers before the * denote the fraction of the space. In the example below the third column gets 1/6 of the remaining width, the fourth column get 5/6.


    <Column width="14mm" />
    <Column width="2" />
    <Column width="1*" align="right" valign="top" />
    <Column width="5*" />
    <Column width="5mm" background-color="gray" />

See also

The section about Columns in chapter Tables.