Defines a rectangular area for objects.

Child elements


Parent elements

Case, ForAll, Loop, Otherwise, PositioningArea, Until, While


column (number)

First column of the frame, in grid cells.

height (number)

The height of the frame in grid cells.

row (number)

The row number relative to the grid.

width (number)

The width of the frame in grid cells.


<Pagetype name="right page" test="sd:odd( sd:current-page() )">
  <Margin left="1cm" right="1cm" top="1cm" bottom="1cm"/>
  <PositioningArea name="frame1">
    <PositioningFrame width="12" height="30" column="2" row="2"/>
    <PositioningFrame width="12" height="30" column="16" row="2"/>

See also

The section Areas on the page (PositioningArea).