The output of colors in speedata Publisher is very simple. Usually one specification for the object to be output is sufficient:

<PlaceObject column="4" row="4">

All CSS4 colors are predefined, see the list at <DefineColor>.

Not every color combination is beautiful

If you want to output colors in a different color space (CMYK, gray, spot colors), they must be defined first:

<DefineColor name="logocolor" model="spotcolor"
             colorname="PANTONE 116 C" />

<Record element="data">
    <Box width="5" height="2" backgroundcolor="logocolor"/>
Various spot colors are predefined in the Publisher, such as the Pantone 116 color.

If a separate spot color is defined that is not yet included in the Publisher, CMYK values must be specified so that a replacement can be displayed in the PDF. Spot colors are unknown in the PDF and are only available as instructions for the printer. Therefore, the PDF must also contain instructions on how to output this color on screen or on printers that do not contain this spot color.

    c="56" m="7" y="98" k="21" />

Here a color is defined which is addressed in the Publisher with the output commands under the name mycolor. In the PDF this color is called speedatagreen and in the output it appears in a dark green.

The new color appears in the PDF as a separate color channel

Color values similar to HTML/CSS

HTML and CSS like colors can be used directly:

<PlaceObject allocate="no" column="3">
    <Box height="4" width="5" backgroundcolor="#FFC72C"  />

The colors can not only be written as hex values (three or six digits), but also as rgb(…​) such as rgb(255, 19, 147). These values can also be used with <DefineColor>:

<DefineColor name="meinrot" value="rgb(255,0,0)" />


Color values can be specified with an alpha channel that specifies the color intensity in the range 0-100, where 100 is full coverage and 0 does not represent the color at all. HTML specifications like rgb(…​) can specify the opacity as a fourth parameter as a value from 0-1. Transparency may not work with all graphic objects. If you encounter a problem, please don’t hesitate to file a bug report.